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Social policy "RN - Severnaya Neft" is focused on the well-beign of employees, we strive to provide the best social policy bot domestic and foreign policy are integrated into a single system in order to achieve a pest their professional outing for the company. 

Internal corporate social policy "RN - Severnaya Neft" - based on the prevailing opinion of the company, not only to ensure the income and pay taxes, taxes of our employees, but also to take care of our employees. This sends a clear signal of our desire. 

Internal corporate social policy “RN - Severnaya Neft” includes:


  • Staff development and professional qualification;
  • Corporate culture;


  • Recreation and fitness workers and their families;

  • Attract and support young people, including in the educational programs;

  • Sports programs;

  • Financial assistance;

  • Veterans assistance;

  • The implementation of various programs for children.

External corporate social policy "RN - Severnaya Neft"- it's definitely the plan include policies for the local community in which the company's operations are in progress and the majority of our business partners. 

The main directions of the foreign policy of Corporate Social Institute "RN - Severnaya Neft" include:


  • Our participation in the financing of large-scale government initiatives, investments in religious, medical, sports and cultural facilities;

  • Maintenance of public services;

  • Our support in the creation of medical, educational and cultural institutions in the region;

  • Our assistance in the organization of cultural - entertaining events;

  • Educational projects for the public;

  • Support innovative projects aimed at the development of the local community;