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The main oil producer Rosneft in Timan-Pechora is LLC "RN-Severnaya Neft".


LLC "RN-Severnaya Neft" is a subsidiary of JSC "NK" Rosneft "with 100% participation in the share capital. The Company was created as part of the reorganization of the group OJSC "Oil Company" Rosneft "to perform operator functions to provide services for the production and transportation of oil and gas fields of" Northern Oil "(OJSC" Oil Company "Rosneft") in the fields of Northern European Russia .


Northern Oil serves the operator for the development and production of oil in the 17 oil fields in the Timan-Pechora oil and gas province. Northern resource base oil has a high concentration of 58% have proven reserves of deposits into two groups: Bagan (Bagan, South and North Bagan Bagan) and the group of fields in the vicinity Val Gamburtseva (Nyadeyyuskoe, and Khasyreiskoye Cherpayuskoe). On the North Oil accounts for 2% of proven oil reserves, "Rosneft".


Northern Oil is located in area with good infrastructure pipelines linking it with the field belonging to AK "Transneft" trunk pipeline Usinsk - Yaroslavl, which then goes to the western border of Russia. "Rosneft" overload the oil from the pipeline Usinsk - Yaroslavl on own transhipment base station Privodino, which is located halfway between Usinsk and Yaroslavl, in railroad tank cars for its shipment to Arkhangelsk and subsequent deliveries for export by tanker to Western European markets with storage tanker Belokamenka near Murmansk. Using this scheme allows the company to successfully meet the transport pipeline capacity deficit in the North-West of Russia.


"RN - Severnaya Neft" has produced the 60 millionth ton of oil Oilers "RN - Severnaya Neft", a subsidiary company "Rosneft", extracted jubilee - the 60 millionth ton of oil since the beginning of production activity in 1994.


Achieving this result was made possible by a number of projects such as the construction of oil and gas infrastructure, the use of modern technologies, as well as the development of new deposits. Currently oil to provide enterprise 400 producing wells, half of which is on the "south block" fields. In this field, "the northern block" - Val Gamburtseva, Osoveyskoe, Labaganskoe and Naulskoye characterized by a growing number of wells operated at the expense of new drilling sites.  


The enterprise has established a system of collection, transportation, registration and delivery of commercial oil. A modern communications system combines all the fields and industrial sites of the enterprise. On the group of fields Val Gamburtseva built a strong base for the further development of the northern areas in Timan-Pechora. When mining apply modern effective horizontal drilling technology allowing to increase production rates and recovery factor.


Last year the company started oil production at Labaganskom field, in the current year is planned to develop Naulskoye field. 


As part Labaganskogo field development program built oil pipeline 106 km on UPN "Labaganskaya" to CSN "Nyadeyyuskaya" mounted the first separation stage, pumping stations, storage tanks fuel storage power plant is built.


"RN-Severnaya Neft" continues to further exploration of hydrocarbon reserves, the search and evaluation of new deposits. On Vashutkinskom license area planned seismic survey to refine the structure of the subsoil and select a point for exploration well drilling. Exploration drilling is also planned for Salyukinskom, West Bagan, Naulskogo and Passedskom areas. Implementation of these measures will increase the resource base of the company.


"RN - Severnaya Neft" - the main oil producer NK "Rosneft" in the Timan-Pechora. Is the operator for the development of 15 fields in the Komi Republic and the Nenets Autonomous District. Utilization factor APG enterprise exceeded 96% in the 2015 year.